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Katerina Sitaras Makiej

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Communion Chants of the Orthodox Christian Church

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Ancient Hymns for Modern Times

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Katerina Sitaras Makiej

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Katerina received her Bachelor's Degree in Voice and Music Education from The Boston Conservatory and her Master's in Theological Studies from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.

She performs, composes, and records a variety of vocal music styles and genres from the Musical Theater, Classical, Popular, and Greek Folk Music repertoire.

She was in the Miss America Scholarship Pageant representing her state as Miss Pennsylvania and won a Talent Award for her performance of Italian Opera.

She and her husband, Fr. Christopher Makiej serve Saints Constantine and Helen Church in Andover, MA, and are the proud parents of Nicholas and Michael, and their Maltese-Yorkie named Rocky.

Ancient Hymns for Modern Times

Ancient Hymns for Modern Times CD

A collection of Byzantine Hymns from the Divine Liturgy, Vespers, and Orthros, chanted in English and in the original Greek by Katerina.
Entire text for English provided.

lord-i-have-cried-unto-thee.mp3 Lord, I Have Cried Unto Thee 3:49
holy-god.mp3 Holy God 3:42
axion-estin.mp3 Axion Estin 2:38
Heavenly King 3:33
Let Every Breath Praise the Lord 2:13
It is Truly Right 2:35
The Cherubic Hymn 4:34
We Praise Thee 1:35
Kyrie Ekekraxa 3:28
Vasilef Ouranie 3:50
Pasa Pnoi 2:36
Herouvikos Ymnos 4:53
Agios O Theos 3:21
Se Ymnoumen 1:37


Mystical CD

Communion Hymns of the Orthodox Christian Church from the various Holy Days throughout the year, chanted in the Byzantine Style in English and in the original Greek by Katerina.
Entire English text is provided.

taste-and-see.mp3 Taste and See 2:01
body-of-christ.mp3 Body of Christ (Multi-Voice Remix) 2:09
exomologheisthe.mp3 Exomologheisthe 3:37
Body of Christ 2:08
Mystical Supper 2:59
Let the Light Shine 1:25
The Praises 4:42
The Lord has Sent 1:26
Cup of Salvation 1:42
Grace has Appeared 1:43
Blessed Is He 1:37
Your Spirit Pure 1:10
Give Thanks Unto the Lord 4:00
Soma Xristou 2:26
Tou Dheipnou Sou tou Mystikou 3:27
Esimeiothi 1:26
Aineite 4:30
Litrosin 1:35
Potirion 1:44
Epefani 1:28
Evloghimenos O Erxomenos 1:41
Ghefsasthe Kai Idete 2:00
To Pnevma Sou to Agathon 1:13